Banana Board

Banana Board


The banana board is the favorite of the playroom! First a powerful psycho-motor tool, it will become in an instant the object of 1000 possibilities:

- a drawbridge

- a tunnel to cross

- a table

- a bench to share

- a reading chair

- Why not: a route for small cars!


The basic model is offered without covering, thus leaving bare the yellow birch plywood. The board illustrated in the photos is the model covered with cherry.


Ships only in Canada and United States

Sleeve color
  • Specification

    The banana board is designed to support the weight of a child without risk, but it is tested up to a static load of 200lbs. The curvature is also designed in order to be suitable for children.



    36 "x 9" x 11 "

    (92cm x 23cm x 28cm)

  • Details

    Made of yellow birch plywood, the banana board is a practically indestructible object that will be pass through several generations. It is appreciated in educational circles for motor development, but also for stimulating the imagination.

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